Ubooquity 3 (BETA)

15 october 2023    Uncategorized

A BETA version of Ubooquity 3 is available.

Due to the high number of changes made since the last release, a few bugs might still be around.
Wait a few weeks for the next stable release(version 3.1) if you want to minimize the risk of issues.
Until that stable release is available, the download and documentation pages of this site will still reference Ubooquity 2.
Documentation specific to version 3 is mentionned below.

New requirements and migration from version 2

The minimum Java version required to run Ubooquity is now Java 17.

When coming from Ubooquity version 2, your preferences (in the preferences.json file) will be automatically converted to the new preference format (in the preferences-2.json file) without erasing them. The whole database will have to be recreated though, meaning your collection will have to be rescanned.
Themes from version 2 are not compatible with version 3, you should revert to the default theme (in the settings) if you use a custom theme.

Download Ubooquity3 BETA

New features

  • Comics and books sections have ben unified. When sharing a folder, you have to select a category (comics, books, magazines, documents or others), but this category will just be used to group the files on the home page, Ubooquity no longer treats your files differently depending on their section/category.
  • Reading progress is now displayed in the library and details views, with "mark as read/unread" buttons in the details.

  • Themes have been made much more flexible, with full control over the HTML files. See the dedicated documentation for more details, and the variable reference for a complete list of the data you can use in your custom themes:
  • Thumbnail compression level can now be adjusted in the settings.
  • Two new API endpoints (callable using a secret API key, see the advanced settings page for details and examples) were added:
    • one to remotely trigger a collection scan
    • one to remotely trigger a server shutdown.
  • Duplicate files detection: at the end of each scan Ubooquity will list in the logs the duplicates it found (files with the same name and size).

Other changes

  • Fixed display of transparent images in DJVU documents.
  • Upgraded all dependencies.
  • Made epub parsing more resilient.
  • Improved handling of files with incorrect extensions.
  • Reimplemented the desktop UI in Swing since Java 11+ does not support JavaFX out of the box anymore.
  • Ubooquity is now developped in Kotlin, although a lot of Java code is still there. Full code conversion/rewrite will be done progressively.
  • A lot of miscellaneous small bug fixes.


Any question or feedback ? Go to the Ubooquity forum.