Ubooquity not affected by Log4shell

13 december 2021    General

You might have heard about Log4shell, a critical vulnerability in the widely used Log4j logging library.

Ubooquity does not use this library (logging is done with Logback), so it is not affected by this vulnerability.


Ubooquity 2.1.2

11 october 2018    Release

Ubooquity 2.1.2 is available.

To upgrade, just stop Ubooquity and replace the Ubooquity.jar file.


Download Ubooquity

Change log

Bug fixes:

  • fixed 'writers' replaced by 'publication date' in comics metadata
  • fixed comic metadata reading bug

New features:

  • new option to bypass Calibre individual book folders (try it if you share a Calibre library)


  • "__MACOSX" folder in archives are now ignored (they used to prevent cover display)
  • OPDS pages now have unique ids
  • improved security
  • updated internal RAR library (RAR 5 files are still not supported though)

Ubooquity 2.1.1, minor release

22 september 2017    Release

Ubooquity 2.1.1 is available.

This is a minor release: a few bug fixes and a few very specific features.
To upgrade, just stop Ubooquity and replace the Ubooquity.jar file.


Download Ubooquity

Change log

Bug fixes:

  • fixed a bug preventing bookmark saving on Ubooquity server for PDF files shared in the "books" section
  • fixed log display issue on administration page
  • fixed wrong MIME type for some "folder info" resources

New features:

  • prevent Ubooquity from responding to HTTP CONNECT requests
  • add FictionBook (FB2) ebook format support
  • add Comic Book Info metadata support for CBZ files (with a small variation compared to the specs: Ubooquity expects boolean instead of "YES/NO" in the credits.primary field)



Ubooquity 2.1.0

08 july 2017    Release

Ubooquity 2.1.0 is available.

This is the first 2.x stable version. If you were still using version 1.x, you should now be able to upgrade without taking too big a risk. And in any case, should you need them, previous versions are still available for download.


Download Ubooquity 2.1.0

Change log

(since 2.0.2)

  • Fixed PDF wrong MIME type
  • Added link to the library on the admin page
  • Added public preferences access through user API ( /public-api/preferences )
  • Added option to prevent database removal of unavailable root folders
  • Added limited support for AZW and AZW3 files
  • Added page up/down keyboard shortcut in comics reader
  • Modified the bookmark API to include update date in bookmark

If you upgrade from Ubooquity 1.x, read the 2.0.0 release notes, as they contain important information about database and preferences format changes (in a nutshell, you'll have to reconfigure Ubooquity and rescan your collection).

The documentation has also been updated to reflect 2.x modifications.

Ubooquity 2.0.2 BETA

24 april 2017    Release

Ubooquity 2.0.2 is available.
This version fixes bugs found in 2.0.0 thanks to your messages in the forum.
This version is still considered BETA. Wait for 2.1.0 if you want a stable version.


Download Ubooquity 2.0.2 BETA

Change log

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash at startup on platform where JavaFX library is not available
  • Fixed empty, unnecessary page in OPDS feed when total number of items is a multiple of pagination number
  • Fixed unreachable folder info resources
  • Make web server more resilient to invalid keystore
  • Fixed file download from OPDS feeds


  • Add support for custom script in user themes (just add a file named themeScript.js at the root of your theme, it will be included in all pages served by Ubooquity, except for the online reader and admin page)
  • Add option to display metadata title instead of filename