Ubooquity 1.7.0, with OPDS and comics metadata

14 december 2014    Release

Ubooquity 1.7.0 is available.

This upgrade will trigger a complete rescan of your of comics and ebooks files. You will not lose your settings, but depending on the size of your collection, it could take time.

If you use the "Modern" theme, you will have to download the new version of this theme on the themes page.

New features

  • Comics Metadata : Ubooquity now reads and displays comics metadata in the ComicRack format. You can write such metadata in your comics with applications like ComicRack (obviously) or ComicTagger.
  • Better PDF support : Ubooquity now embeds two new libraries which will improve PDF support, especially for documents containing JPG2000 images or using cryptography features (not fully encrypted PDF though). They will no longer generate errors when scanned and their cover will be displayed correctly.
  • OPDS feeds : You can activate OPDS feeds in the "advanced" option of Ubooquity. Your feeds will be available at the following addresses (port and IP are just examples):

These feeds support authentication through HTTP Basic Authentication (same credentials as the ones you already use). This authentication method is not as secure as the one already used by Ubooquity, so be carefull if you use OPDS feeds on an open network without activating the SSL/HTTPS feature.

I have done some tests with a few ebooks/comics readers with OPDS support. Unfortunately the OPDS specification is not followed at 100% by all the applications. Here are the results of my tests:

Note that the the "Comics online reading" column corresponds to a feature not supported by the original OPDS standard but is an extension developped for Ubooquity and Challenger Comics Viewer. More details here.


  • Added an option to automatically minimize Ubooquity interface at startup.
  • Added an option to hide empty folders.
  • Improved ebooks metadata display (publication date, language, file format).
  • Trailing slashes and backslashes are now automatically removed when entering shared folder paths in the web administration page.
  • Fixed a rare bug which added a pink overlay on some comics images.
  • Fixed a bug on folder images: Ubooquity now always uses the first image found in the directory or its subdirectories.

The improved comics online reader development is still in progress.

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