Ubooquity 1.7.5, minor release

21 march 2015    Release

Ubooquity 1.7.5 is available.

This is a minor release: a few bug fixes and a few very specific features.

Fixed bugs

  • Problem with special characters (e.g. accents) in user names with iOS
  • Incorrect comics file name when downloading (happened when comics contained metadata, the downloaded file name was the title instead of being the original file name)
  • Incorrect sorting of comics titles containing accents
    This bug is fixed only on new databases. This means that if you want to have this bug fixed when updating Ubooquity, you will have to manually delete the file "ubooquity-4.h2.db" in your working directory (after having stopped Ubooquity of course). Since this file contains the scanned comics and ebooks data, this operation will trigger a full rescan of your collection.

New features

  • Limited* support for WebP images in comics
  • Limited* support of DJVU files
  • New advanced option to exclude folders from scan using regular expressions
  • New advanced option to bypass root folder page when there is only one root folder

* Limited by the platform Ubooquity will run on. Both feature were succesfuly tested on Windows, but they don't work on Raspberry Pi (Linux). So they might or might not work depending on your setup. These limitations come from the libraries I use, nothing I can do about it.

Technical stuff

  • Added an OPDS tag for "current folder content" (should be used by Chunky reader in the future)
  • Allowed use of fonts and SVG files in themes, for better customization possibilities


Get it on the download page


A word of warning for Java 6 users. This the last version supporting Java 6. Next version will require Java 7 to run. (Java 6 has been obsolete for many years anyway)