Ubooquity 2.0.2 BETA

24 april 2017    Release

Ubooquity 2.0.2 is available.
This version fixes bugs found in 2.0.0 thanks to your messages in the forum.
This version is still considered BETA. Wait for 2.1.0 if you want a stable version.


Download Ubooquity 2.0.2 BETA

Change log

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash at startup on platform where JavaFX library is not available
  • Fixed empty, unnecessary page in OPDS feed when total number of items is a multiple of pagination number
  • Fixed unreachable folder info resources
  • Make web server more resilient to invalid keystore
  • Fixed file download from OPDS feeds


  • Add support for custom script in user themes (just add a file named themeScript.js at the root of your theme, it will be included in all pages served by Ubooquity, except for the online reader and admin page)
  • Add option to display metadata title instead of filename