Ubooquity 1.4.0, with mobi and PDF ebooks support

11 april 2014    Release

Ubooquity 1.4.0 is here.

Here is a list of what has changed.

New features

  • Support for mobi files. Let me know how it works for you, I have not many mobi files to test this feature.
  • Support for PDF files in the books section. The difference with PDF as comics is that PDF books get their metadata displayed (although I did not find many PDF with proper metadata) and their cover rendered instead of being just a extracted picture.


  • Web administrator password field characters are now hidden.
  • Debug mode has been removed as the bug it was supposed to help solve (partially displayed covers) was not really a bug.
  • Default display mode for books is now "by folder" (instead of "flat"), same as the one used for comics. The difference with comics default display mode was confusing.
  • IP address of users trying to login are now written to the log file, to help identify potential attacks.
  • The number displayed on folders (in "folder" mode) now recursively includes all files in the folder and in its subfolders.
  • The number displayed on foldersis now displayed even if over 99.
  • Added a loading icon between pages when reading comics.
  • Slightly improved layout on smaller screens.


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