Ubooquity 1.5.0, now with themes and better PDF support

23 june 2014    Release

Ubooquity 1.5.0 is available.

New features

  • Better PDF support: Cover rendering is now working for all types of PDF files (image-only PDF as well as text+images PDF files)
  • PDF in the "books" section can be read online, like comics. Ubooquity now uses two different PDF rendering engines: one for comics (image-only PDF), one for books (text+images PDF). Depending on the type of your PDF file, be careful to put it in the right section to have a correct display when reading them online (if you just download them, it makes no difference).
  • Ubooquity now supports themes. A new lighter theme can be donwloaded on the Themes page. This pages also explains how to install and create new themes.



  • Improved image quality on high pixel density devices
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements
  • Better user access logging (see this tutorial on how to customize your logs)


Get it on the download page



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