A forum to exchange ideas and questions around Ubooquity

02 september 2014    General

The ubooquity website now has a dedicated forum, hosted on UserEcho.

This forum is meant to gather your feedback (questions, ideas, bugs...) in a single place so that discussions between users can take place more easily than in the comments section of the news. It also has a few interesting features:

  • A voting system that will help me to know among the feature I'm asked to implement the ones that are the most popular.
  • A status label ("planned", "started", "declined") displayed on feature requests that will give you a better visibility over the future of the application.
  • An integrated search engine to easily find topics when looking for informations.

Private messages can also be directly sent to me through the forum. I will keep the contact page online for now, but they are redundant.

The only drawback: you will have to sign in to the forum before being able to post or send a message. But you can do that using a lot of different account provider (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, OpenID...) or by directly creating a UserEcho account, so it should not be a big problem.

Go to the forum by clicking the "Forum" link in the top menu or the "Feedback" label on the right side of your screen.