Ubooquity 1.3.2 is available

15 march 2014    Release

No new big shiny feature in this release, but a lot of work under the hood to improve file scanning (making it more tolerant to unusual files) and general application quality.

Here is what has changed:

  • A "debug" mode can be activated in the options, adding a button to force cover thumbnail regeneration for a specific book or comic book (more details in the Documentation)
  • New actions available in the options: "clear comics database" and "clear books database" in case you want to rescan your entire collection
  • Epublib (the library previously used to read books metadata) has been replaced by in-house code, allowing a lot more books to be recognized by Ubooquity
  • Empty directories and files without cover are now displayed and accessible (basically, Ubooquity will display a file even when the parsing of metadata fails)
  • When comics image extraction fails, Ubooquity will now try to guess the real format of the file (it appears a lot of users have files with a wrong extension)
  • Small aesthetic improvement of raw files display
  • [Bug fix] On some versions of Linux, when using Ubooquity in command line mode, the CPU load was continuously very high.
  • [Bug fix] Some Jpeg images appeared with a pink hue


Get it on the download page


Update (march 16th): Just released version to fix a bug affecting default cover for comics.

Ubooquity 1.3.1, minor release

10 december 2013    Release

The "online reading" feature introduced in the previous version was not working for PDF comics. This problem is fixed in this maintenance release..

Ubooquity 1.3.0, with an online comic reader !

23 october 2013    Release

Ubooquity 1.3.0 is available.

The main new feature is the addition of an online comic reader. Instead of downloading the whole comic file, you can read it directly in your browser. No more waiting for the download to complete before starting to read.


Ubooquity 1.2.0 released

12 october 2013    Release

Ubooquity 1.2.0 is available. Go get it in the download section.

Though this is not the first version to be released (as you have guessed from the version number), this is the first one to be "feature-complete" from my point of view. Everything is here to have a functionnal content server for ebooks and comics with user access control.

This does not mean that no new features will be added later, I have a lot of ideas. But for now I will focus development of bug fixes and user feedback.





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